Buying Property Without having to Spend A Single Penny of Your Own Money on Fees!!” Part 3

So, let’s get started!
Before I tell you the secret I want you to understand the components of this type of property
1. Find good help!
Regardless of the Creative Finance technique you are about to discover the whole strategy is
underpinned by Your ability to get a mortgage! This is ultimately where the cash comes from!
You must have access to professional whole of the market broker who is familiar with
creatively financed property deals.
Remember a general rule of thumb for what type of Loan To Value (ltv) you can receive from
the bank is 5 times your earnings! So if you earn £30,000 per year a lender will genuinely
borough you no more than £150,000. Though this is not always the case and does not equate
for a secondary earnings i.e. as a self employed part time hair dresser. And it also does not
equate for a joint application which often doubles you loan amount.
You must work with trusted brokers who have access to all of the mortgage products on the
market (whole of the market) and be able to narrow down the best products for individual
deals depending on your investment strategy and future goals.
You have got to insure you establish a relationship with a specialist solicitor who is
familiar with quick conveyancing using creative finance.
Your solicitor will ultimately do all the legal work necessary for you to own a property which is
vital to your deals. They will control the movement of money between a) You, b) the lender, c)
a creative finance facility, and d) the vendor Therefore they will need to be familiar with all the
techniques employed in this type of investment mechanism. Your deals will only be as strong
as your weakest link and a weak inexperienced solicitor can easily become your weakest link!
2. Deal with motivated sellers!
The rule of learning how to Buy Property without having to pay a penny in Fees, is to always
buy property which is Below Market Value!
Never pay the Market Value or Above the market value for property! I generally try to apply
this rule to my life! We all do it, instead of paying the full price for a used car we try and
negotiate a deal!
We offer a price which is less than the asking price and/or the market value if we offer to buy
it right now! This is an incentive to the seller that may be willing to sell for a discounted price
to secure the property deal at that moment! This is especially powerful if the seller ‘is
Purchasing property without paying any fees is ultimately down to the deal you’re getting from
the vendor. The better the deal i.e.; The greater the discount below the market value the more
attractive the deal becomes. The more motivated a vendor is to sell the more likely It is for
You to negotiate a better deal and ultimately a better price you will pay for his/her property!
Motivated sellers are individuals whose need to sell is based upon more than just the best
price they can achieve for their property. Motivated sellers are willing to sell for a lesser price
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for reasons other than purely financial gain and the majority of them are underpinned by
speed and flexibility!
know what you’re thinking………….why would anyone sell you their home for less than its
Well I will list you a few examples and I’m sure you’ll get the picture:
Motivated sellers will sell their property for less than its worth to:
· Avoid Repossession – a vendor will settle at a price below market value if it will
settle their debts and avoid them being repossessed by the banks!
· To Release Cash – If a vendor finds themselves in financial difficultly they may be
willing to sell their property below the market value to insure they settle their debts
and not incur additional charges from their lender.
· To Secure another property purchase – many sellers rely on the funds from the
sale of one property when they need to buy another property (i.e. They are in a
chain). Sometimes this type of vendor will take a bmv price on their property to buy to
insure they don’t lose that dream property.
· Move abroad fast – relocate or immigrate …. this could be due to work or retirement
· Ill health – some vendors who find themselves in a state of ill health are not
motivated by money and may need to sell fast for various reasons.
· Divorce – When vendors split it is often an emotionally charged environment where a
couple often wish to settle their assets as quickly as possible to avoid additional
· Probate – after a family member dies often the beneficiaries would like access to
their share as soon as possible.
· Plus many more………..
3. Research Your Property Thoroughly
You must learn how to assess whether or not a deal is in fact a deal. That means being able
to research and evaluate a properties potential. This is very important. You will be responsible
for making a decision of whether or not the property you buy Is indeed worth buying or not
and this cant be done buy just looking at what the estate agents are asking for it!
You must be able to assess the ‘property stats’.
· What type of property is it?
· What style of property is it?
· How many bedrooms does it have?
· How many reception rooms does it have?
· What is the general condition of the property?
· What are the positives and negatives of its location?
· Does it have any additional features which may influence its value? (i.e. off street
parking, extensions, swimming pools etc.)
With this information known you must then begin your diligence process which will require you
to have internet access!
You will need to research other similar properties to the one you wish to purchase. You will

need to focus on ‘Sold Prices’ in this instance asking prices mean little, so don’t worry about
what the estate agents say unless they’ve sold one recently!

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