Investing In Property

With the current financial situation,many people have savings which are basically earning a pittance in interest.

We would like to offer an alternative to the banks by getting a better return for your money.

We are actively searching for Below Market Value properties and are looking for Joint Venture partners who would

like to get a better return for their money.

We are looking for short term investment of 12 months and I will explain exactly how we intend to do this.

We will find a property deal which we make sure the figures stack up financially at a BMV purchase price

and would be looking for the deposit finance from our JV partner,we would purchase the property with a buy to let


The property would be let out,and within the 12 month period would be re-financed at the open market value

which would then pay back your investment in full plus a 12% interest for the 12 month period.

When property is purchased you would have a second charge on the property until the investment is paid back

so your money is secured on the property.

For example

If you were to put in £10000 and you are getting 2% interest per annum in the bank this would earn you £200

in interest.

By putting it into a property we could achieve 12% on that money making you £1200 during that 12 months

and once you have your capital back you could reinvest into another property if you wish

Everything will be done through solicitors and above board

If this is something you may be interested in please get in touch on 07547 448 713 ask for Paul or send an email

expressing your interest with some contact details to


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