Buying Property Without having to Spend A Single Penny of Your Own Money on Fees!! Part 4

Learn how to assess its value:
· What are the sold prices of properties within the last 3 – 6 months within the same
· What is the market trend in that area since the last property was sold?
· Is their an over saturation of this type of property in the area which may drive down
· What figure can you give to the additional special features your property may have!
· Is the property in question in a fantastic or poor condition in regards to what has sold
recently in the area?
· Is there a demand for this type of property in the area!
Remember this will take practice because your assessment of a properties value will only be
validated when a RICS surveyor visits the property and confirms the value you believed!
All of the above must be done before you even see the property in question. If you become an
expert at doing this you will save yourself time and money and make the evaluation process
simple when you actually visit the property in question!
4. Secure Your deal!
Remember one of the most important factors allowing you to buy without putting any money
into the deal will rely on the type of BMV (below market value) discount your receive in the
deal from the vendor. With this said when you actually find a fantastic BMV deal you must
have the tools to secure the deal. This is vital, You do not wish to fall into the habit of trying to
purchase a property from a vendor who is hesitant or deep down doesn’t want to sell their
home to you because take it from me, I have learnt from experience that your deal will only
end in disappointment and end up falling through!
The tool You require to secure your deals must be in the form of legally binding
documentation! This must state the agreed sale price between you and the vendor and must
be signed by all parties. This documentation will also include a time frame you will complete
on the property purchase. This will often serve as a psychological tool to reinforcing your
commitment to the vendor that you will guarantee to buy their property!
With this said you must understand that you have to display a confidence and professionalism
to build a rapport with the vendor. This relationship will allow the vendor to trust and respect
your ability to Buy their property and solve their immediate situation. Only when you have built
this rapport will a vendor be willing to sign a legally binding contract to sell their property to
you for a price less than the property is worth!
5. Always Complete!
If you understand all of the above you must always complete on your deals!
You will have sourced specialist help who allowed you to move quick and decisively. You will
have done all your diligence and will be certain of its value. You will know that the property
you are buying is Below Market Value and you will be getting a real deal if you purchase it at
the agreed price between you and the vendor!
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The Secret!
The key to buying property without paying any fees whilst making money in the process is to
understand the difference between what something is worth and what you pay for it.
The secret is in the understanding and the ability to raise finance for your property purchase
against what its value is and not what you pay for it!
The Secret Revealed!
Let’s use a real example:
‘John’ has recently lost his job and is consequently in mortgage arrears after missing 6
months of mortgage payments. He has been threatened with repossession by his lender if he
cannot pay his arrears plus his next mortgage payment promptly. He needs to sought out his
situation fast!
He owns a 2 bed mid terrace property in Leeds which is worth £100,000
John has a £53,000 mortgage plus £6,000 in interest and fees!
You have been made aware of his situation by a family friend and have approached john,
offering to buy his property fast to stop his repossession!
After doing your own diligence on the property you agree his property is worth 100k. You
make him a cash offer of 80k for his property which you raise, in cash, using creative finance.
John accepts this offer and is thoroughly happy with the offer! That amount will allow him to
clear his arrears and move on with his life with £27,000 in cash in his pocket!
You do the deal and now own his property, but here’s the trick, you now need to repay the
creative finance you borrowed to buy the property.
Now pay intention!…..
You will now have to get a mortgage, in this case, as a first time buyer, you get an 85% loan
to value (ltv), on the value of your property i.e. £100,000
This means you will be borrowed £85,000 for a property which only cost you £80,000 to
Leaving you with:
a) Your first creatively financed property that you can either live in or rent out for a
healthy £550 pcm
b) A vendor ‘John’ who is extremely happy at how quick and professionally you dealt
with him.
c) £5,000 in cash returned to you in from your specialist solicitors. Of which you will pay
approximately £2,000 in legal fees and finance fees allowing you to pocket £3,000
d) Instant £15,000 in equity from the 15% deposit covered from the creative finance
facility used to cover your mortgage deposit.
(Hopefully at this point you have a big smile on your face!….)


Buying Property Without having to Spend A Single Penny of Your Own Money on Fees!!”

How To Use This Special Report…
This special report will help you best when it is printed out and read in hard copy format. This
allows you to easily and quickly flick through the report and highlight the most important
sections. You can also make notes as you go along, directly onto the report itself.
That’s the formalities covered. Let’s crack on with revealing the closely guarded secrets you
need to know if you want to buy property and make thousands in the process at absolutely no
cost to you…
The very best way for you to get the most out of this special report, is to print out the
report and read it at least twice (making notes as you go along). File the report away as
a handy reference guide.
I advise you to read through the whole special report in one sitting if you can.

FREE REPORT – “A Guide to Buying Property whilst making hundreds of thousands of
pounds without having to spend a single penny in fees!”
This report will show you the most guarded secrets you must know if you want to buy property
whilst making hundreds of thousands of pounds without you ever having to spend a single
penny in fees!
The report is equally useful if you are looking to purchase your first home, or broaden your
investment portfolio or are simply trying to invest like the professionals do Which is; ‘at
absolutely no cost!”
As you’ve taken the trouble to order this special report, You probably want to buy property
sooner rather than later as you may have heard that now due to a monumental fall in property
prices now is the best time in over 15 years to buy property!
“If you have little or No money to invest Buying property can
be near impossible!”
Take it from me I have been in the exact same position as you. A few years ago I couldn’t
have imagined owning a portfolio of nearly 200 properties with hard cash in the bank and
millions in equity! How would working class Andy, son of a care-taker and dinner lady with
exactly £633.46 in my savings account start buying property and making a living from it? ….
And I give you my word I’m not exaggerating! So….if I can do it …Anyone can!
When trying to buy property the traditional way you have to carefully plan for everything I
mean it is more like a life or death situation than a simple investment decision!. 9.5 times out
of 10 this is normally due to you having to spend every last penny you and more than likely
your partner has saved over Your entire lifetime.
Just look at what’s involved in a traditional property
Lets take a humble 2 bedroom property in London which on average will set you back
1. An average buyer will need to save for a deposit of at least 15% which in this case
will be £34,500 in cash!
2. This is excluding the fact that on a property of this value you will need to pay our
lovely government stamp duty of 1% which in this case will be £2,300 taking are
grand total to £36,800
3. Then…(because that’s not all!) You will need to pay conveyancing fees, legal search
fees, and valuation fees which if your lucky could cost you in excess of £2,000 taking
us up to a hefty £38,800 in cash!
4. And I haven’t finished yet!…..We will also have to put a figure on the time you will
have to allocate to (a) view properties, (b) find solicitors and (c) deal with mortgage
brokers!. This ultimately means ‘time off work’ and travelling, not to mention constant
phone calls between yourself and all the other individuals involved!
So… Let’s just take the national average of 6 weeks and 20 viewings to find a
suitable property! So hmmmmm.. What value should we give this?….lets just say a
very conservative £1,000 for argument sake! Taking our Grand Total to a healthy
£39,800 in cash!
Now I know what you’re thinking! That’s just how it is and how it’s always been! But I’m going
to throw a spanner in the works and say that this has not been how it’s always been. Once
upon a time property prices and deposits were realistic in relation to income but we all know
FREE REPORT – “A Guide to Buying Property whilst making hundreds of thousands of
pounds without having to spend a single penny in fees!”
property prices have been rising far quicker than our salaries! The average person has
approximately £12,000 in the saving account meaning that unless You have a partner saving
just as much as you, who is also willing to bear the burden of a mortgage with You for an
agreed period of at least 25 years, You will never be able to afford an average property in
London! Harsh but true!
On the other hand if you actually have £40k in cash available to sink in to bricks and mortar
whether it be your first property, a family home or simply an investment would you honestly
choose to if you didn’t have to? Surely you could find something else to spend £40,000 in
cash on……..Surely!

Watch for next part to follow